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Welcome to my website and blog. My name is Rhonda Baldwin and I am a textile and fiber artist from Nebraska.

My work is an exploration with surface design including hand dyeing and mono printing, needle felting and stitch; both by hand and machine.  I have recently returned to fiber work and am adding knit and crochet as well as dyed unspun and spun wool and silk.

I am on a journey that I describe as finding my reality.  I catch glimpses of it when I am in the studio.  Creating is my heart; next to my family, it is my truest happiness.  In the studio is where I belong.  Surface design is my primary focus and serendipity is my path.  Surprise delights my creativity and brings me the most joy.  Hours disappear when I am in commune with my creative muses.

While earning a degree from the University of Nebraska, Textiles, Clothing and Design department, I developed a love of surface design and textile decoration and construction. This has become the main focus of my work.  After indulging my creativity as a dance teacher for over 20 years, I am returned to my studio and am happy exploring.  I am available to teach or give trunk shows.  Please contact me for more information.

Most of the work shown in the Gallery is available to purchase through my etsy store.

You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Flicker under @rhojobaldwin.

I am currently the Co-representative for Nebraska of the Studio Art Quilt Associates(SAQA) which is an international organization that promotes the quilt as art.  Find more information about SAQA here.

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